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Be flood ready – bag it, block it


With wild weather hitting Moorabool yet again, VICSES have issued a timely reminder to be prepared for flooding, with the ‘Bag It, Block It, Lift It and Leave’ campaign.

You can ‘bag it’ by laying sandbags where water enters the home, ‘block it’ by covering your toilet, drains and doorways to prevent backflow, and ‘lift it’ by putting valuables onto higher areas such as tables, and ‘leaving’ to a safer place on higher ground.

If you are driving in a flooded area, never enter floodwater. A car can float on just 15 centimetres of flowing water – the height of an average pen.

“We can’t emphasise enough that people need to be alert to the conditions on the road. We’re appealing to people to take heed, and never drive through floodwaters. It could be the last decision you make,” SES Chief Officer of Operations Tim Wiebusch said.

If you evacuate, bring pets, your mobile phone, spare clothes, a face mask, and any medication you need. Before leaving, turn off your gas and electricity, and check for any road closures that may affect you.

You can monitor weather forecasts at bom.gov.au, and view warnings through the VicEmergency app, website, and hotline (1800 226 226).

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