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Swim safer with lifesaving lessons

Barry Sims (Volunteer Board Director Community Bank Ballan) with (L-R) Sophie, Tom, and Ruby who are ready and waiting for the VicSwim program in 2022, that the Community Bank is picking up the tab for participants. Photo – Helen Tatchell

By Lachlan Ellis

A stand-alone bank has been ‘splashing cash’ across the shire for ten years, with over $1.09million invested into the community.

The Community Bank Ballan is now making a bigger splash this summer which will see local children participate in the learn to swim program, for free.

Volunteer board member Barry Sims said the bank will cover the bill for the entire Summer Kidz Program in Ballan in January 2022.

Run by VICSWIM, the program usually costs $35 per week, with three weeks of swimming lessons. The Council entry costs for participants and spectators will also be covered by the Community Bank.

Mr Sims suggested the idea to his fellow board members and “it was approved straight away”.

“Swimming’s so important for children, they’ve got to learn how to swim and if possible, without the added cost”, Mr Sims told the Moorabool News.

“We should support the kids in town, and this was an opportunity not to be missed as learning to swim is a major preventative measure.”

Mr Sims said the Community Bank Ballan has done so much over the last ten years for towns and organisations in the west of Moorabool.

“Over $1 million has been invested. It is something that no bank has ever done.”

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