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Plea to stay on top of tussock


By Lachlan Ellis

A local Landcare member has warned the community to stay vigilant against the highly invasive serrated tussock over the next few months.

Alan Morton is a member of Pentland Hills Landcare Group and the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) and said current climate conditions meant the weed is at its worst.

“The ease with which the seed spreads, and how well it re-establishes itself in new country, is a huge problem. It becomes endemic, and it eliminates all good quality grasses,” Mr Morton told the Moorabool News.

“It’s also dangerous for sheep and cattle, it builds up as a ball of indigestible matter. My one-liner is that any time is a good time to control serrated tussock, but right now in lots of areas it’s in full flower…if we have a few hot days in December, the flower will dry out and blow seeds for kilometres on strong winds.”

There are many resources available for those wanting to learn how to identify and get rid of serrated tussock – Mr Morton said the most important thing was for people to have an interest in helping the environment.

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in the 23 November 2021 edition
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