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Money for towers questionable

Photo Helen Tatchell

By Lachlan Ellis

A protest group has claimed compensation offers for the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP) are “an insult to the people of Victoria” – but the planners say their figure isn’t quite right.

Following the release of AusNet’s ‘A guide to living with transmission line easements’ earlier this month, community group Stop AusNet’s Towers released a statement accusing AusNet of “putting a price on our lives and livelihoods”.

“The proposed compensation package for those impacted by the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project is an insult…AusNet’s wants to buy our community’s silence for $200,000 per 85m-high transmission tower,” Stop AusNet’s Towers’ spokesperson, Emma Muir, said.

“It’s loose change for a $17 billion multinational and it doesn’t cover a fraction of the millions of dollars of loss landowners face – many for generations. Our community is not for sale.

“The compensation plan is a PR stunt that attempts to divert people away from the devastating impacts of the project.”

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