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Fast food, service station, and now, a childcare centre


By Lachlan Ellis

A new childcare centre in Bacchus Marsh will also feature an “ancillary multipurpose centre”, to be available for use by parents and carers.

The site on 101 Gisborne Road will feature a childcare centre with a capacity of 110 children, 25 car parking spaces and six bicycle spaces, as well as an electric vehicle charging station.

The multipurpose centre will be designed for use by carers, for informal get-togethers or sessions on topics related to caring for children, such as toilet training and breast feeding.

Vehicles will be able to access the childcare centre through a 6.4 metre wide accessway via the Hungry Jack’s lot.

The site is located at the corner of Gisborne Road and the Western Freeway, between Hungry Jack’s and the freeway.

There was one objection opposing the childcare centre on the grounds of “current demand for childcare centres, lack of people to serve the childcare centre, threat to current business close to the site, impact on occupancy and employment opportunities of current staff, and traffic impacts on the school bus services”.

“Commercial considerations of existing childcare centre are not valid planning considerations,” the Council Officer’s response read.

“The traffic impact assessment provides that the proposal does not impact on the surrounding commercial areas.”

Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion to approve the childcare centre application.

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