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Lucky number seven for subdivision


By Lachlan Ellis

Seven is a lucky number for some, and after another approval at Council, a Gordon landowner will get a seventh permit to develop their land.

The application for a three-lot subdivision and vegetation removal at 18 Lyndhurst Street, Gordon, came before Council’s 15 December Development Assessment Committee, and was approved unanimously.

Previously, a permit for development of a dwelling and removal of vegetation was issued in 2011, a permit for a two-lot subdivision in 2012, and another permit for development of a dwelling and removal of vegetation in 2017.

None of these permits were acted on and all expired, with three extensions approved on the 2017 permit, the last of which required commencement of work by 23 October 2021.

The lot will now be subdivided into three lots: Lot 1 with an area of 954 sq m, Lot 2 with an area of 953 sq m, and Lot 3 with an area of 1,795 sq m.

A poplar and two pine trees will be removed from Lot 2, however, 12 native trees will be planted to replace them.

Two objectors wrote to Council, with flood risk a major concern of both objectors.

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in the 11 January 2022 edition
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