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Breeding facility not ‘paws-ible’

A Tibetan mastiff dog at the Greendale property. Photo – Warrick Boyle Facebook

By Lachlan Ellis

Council has voted against a second application for a dog breeding facility in Greendale, with multiple objectors complaining of incessant noise from the existing dogs.

The applicant, Warrick Boyle, appeared via livestream at the 15 December Development Assessment Committee (DAC) meeting, supported by Lori Giles from XYG Consulting.

Four objectors also appeared online to discourage the approval of eight dogs on the property, and a written submission was also read out which asked for the facility to be rejected.

Mr Boyle argued the improvements he had planned in his second application would mitigate noise and ensure the dogs were not a nuisance to his neighbours.

“We live on approximately 19 acres of Rural Living Zone land and have been there since 2010. My wife and I both love animals dearly, especially our six Tibetan mastiff dogs, who are like our children,” he said.

“Within the contents of the reapplication, we recommend up to $50,000 worth of upgrades to meet Council planning requirements as well as objecting party concerns.

“This includes over 100 metres of solid Colorbond fencing to act as a visual, security and noise barrier, over 100 metres of chain fencing, significant new native planting screening, noise buffering and proposed whelping kennels, ultrasonic devices to control excessive barking, and CCTV systems to monitor.”

Mr Boyle said he believes he has “spared no expense for upgrades”, and was surprised his application was recommended for rejection by Council planning, which he said would “result in a visit to VCAT”.

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