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Boy dials 000, saves mum

Nicholas pictured with Minister James Merlino and Dave Hughes. Photo - ESTA
Nicholas pictured with Minister James Merlino and Dave Hughes. Photo - ESTA

By Kate Taylor

It’s time for the annual Junior Triple Zero (000) Heroes awards and for one of the special recipients this year, it was a Ballan woman on the other end of the line. 10-year-old Nicholas Shalevski, from Mill Park, received an Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) award last week for calling triple zero when his mum was feeling faint and fell unconscious.

It was operator Samantha Lee, from Ballan, who answered the call and guided young Nicholas through the process.

“Nicholas remained calm, reassured his mum and helped to check her breathing,” a media release read.

The audio of the emergency call was released with Ms Lee’s professional training helping to keep Nicholas calm until the ambulance arrived.

“Nicholas did a great job. He kept answering our questions and although concerned, he could see his actions were helping his mum until the paramedics came,” she said.

Ms Lee was unable to attend the awards as she is currently on maternity leave. The Minister for Emergency Services, James Merlino, and the awards MC, comedian Dave Hughes, presented awards to 51 children at the ceremony. “Victoria’s brave Junior Triple Zero Heroes remained remarkably cool, calm and collected and are shining examples of how preparing children for an emergency can save lives,” Mr Merlino said.

ESTA’s Acting CEO Ben Piper said the awards highlighted the importance of teaching children and young people when and how to call triple zero.