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Where local stories come to life. Photos - Moorabool Writers’ Craft

By Matt Romania

The allure of writing beckons many, but it’s the support of a writing community that can truly propel a writer’s journey forward.

Such is the experience shared by Cheryl Rosario, who, for the past few years, has been leading the Moorabool Writers’ Craft in Bacchus Marsh.

“I first got involved with Moorabool Writer’s Craft in 2017,” Ms Rosario said, recounting her initial days.

“I was searching for a supportive local environment where I could share my passion for writing, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on my work.”

Moorabool Writers’ Craft has now become a nurturing community for writers of all genres. The group, which meets every third Saturday of the month at the Lerderderg Library in Bacchus Marsh, provides invaluable opportunities for its members. From workshops with guest speakers to forming critique groups, the spirit of camaraderie and shared growth is palpable.

Ms Rosario said they have been running this group for two years now.

“We are now eight regular members strong, and I have found it is not only a great resource for my writing but also I have developed as a teacher for other writers.”

One of the shining achievements of this group is the bi-annual anthology, a place for members to be involved in a collaboration and showcase their work for publication.

“Our anthology is titled ‘Mists of Moorabool’. The participants are Nicole Hawke, Irene Hogan, Caitlin Mahony, C.A. Clark, Peter Davies, Vanessa Craven, Julie Becker, Justin Johnston, Christine Gordon, Lana Birtasevic, Daniela Sheen and myself,” she said.

These writers come from diverse backgrounds. Some have been recognised for their work, while others have been published or featured in other anthologies. But what unites them is the commitment to the craft and the joy of sharing stories.

For those wondering if they should join the fold, Ms Rosario has words of encouragement.

“Our group welcomes everybody who has a desire to write a book. It’s your creative voice calling for you to tell your story. Once you join us, you’ll see there are many opportunities for you to learn and grow as a writer.”