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The Under 12 C Boys Blue took on Drummo Dragons this week. A stout defensive side, the boys were hoping to rediscover the offensive touch that had deserted them in their past few matches.

A solid start saw the Brumbies score the opening two baskets of the game through Marcus Speakman and Harry Garner before Charlie Hare got Drummo rolling. Eddie Tranter was relentless in attacking the basket. He drew a series of shooting fouls, converting three free throws in the early stages. Even when he did miss, Ballan’s height came into play on the offensive glass as Speakman, Angus Muldeary and Tommie Sims all created second chances for Ballan. Sims scored on one of those offensive rebounds, as did Garner, well set up by Jake Meehan. Muldeary pushed Ballan’s lead out further with a long jumpshot.

Drummo though, couldn’t be shaken. Speedy guard Tyler Young-Page was a menace whilst Hare was dictating play from Drummo, who led 14-13 at the half after a late surge that wasn’t helped by some poor Brumbies passing.

Ballan picked up their defensive intensity coming out of the break as Ryder Shelton and Noah Cassar picked up steals that led to Garner fast break baskets. Again, though, Drummo hit back as Hare and Harry Lewis scored.

Ballan finally got a run on through Garner’s speed in the open floor with Speakman and Muldeary both connecting on tough layups inside as Ballan stretched the lead out to eight points with around six minutes remaining. The boys would hold that margin through to the end of the game, winning 27-19 with a far more balanced offensive effort than in previous weeks.

Under 10 Boys

Ballan D 18 def Excies Acmy 11
Ballan C 43 def Phoenix Falcons 14
Under 12 Boys
Ballan C White 21 def Drummo Dragons 7
Ballan C Blue 27 def Drummo Dragons 19
Under 12 Girls
Ballan 31 def Wildcats 31-11
Under 14 Boys
Ballan F 27 lost Saints Pirated 30
Ballan E 50 def Drummo Dragons 22
Ballan C 35 lost Phoenix Bullets 36
Ballan B 58 def Celtic Tigers 31
Under 14 Girls
Ballan 7 lost Wildcats 15
Under 16 Boys
Ballan F White 20 lost Brumbies Blue 31
Ballan F Blue 31 def Brumbies White 20
Ballan D 34 drew Phoenix Slingers 34
Ballan A 36 lost Celtic Tigers 68
Under 16 Girls
Ballan 19 def Phoenix Lightning 17
Under 19 Boys
Ballan F 33 def Phoenix Chiefs 23
Ballan D 35 lost Phoenix Bullets 43
Ballan B 38 lost Wildcats 50
Under 19 Girls
Ballan 42 def Phoenix Sparks 28