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Daylesford season commences with title victory

Bryce Leek, Victorian Champion Junior 1200cc Sedans, in car number 29. Photo – Kial Millican Photography

By Dean Thompson

The Daylesford Drivers Association hosted their first meeting for a number of weeks as they took control of the action from the Mid-Western Speedway in Darlington on Sunday to run all their Daylesford Club classes along with the final day of the Victorian Junior 1200cc Sedan title, and Standard Saloons.

Racing’s biggest event on Sunday was the conclusion of the Victorian Speedway Council Junior 1200cc Sedan title. A day prior, the action on day one under the Mortlake Speedway Club program was terrific from the title combatants, with Arthur Hutchinson, Xander Baxter, Hutchinson a second time, then Baxter a second time, Bryce Leek once and then Billy McBride once won qualifying races on day one. Baxter led at the halfway point the qualifying points table from McBride, Hutchinson, Leek, and Braidan Webster.

Results on day two in the qualifying races saw Leek, Baxter, Webster and then Baxter again taking wins for the four heats, before the feature event got under way.

After a big day with accidents delaying proceeding as the Daylesford club took care of their injured Street Stock driver James Angwin, action in the title race included some thrills and spills of its own with spins and an eventual race ending rollover with seventy five percent of the race concluded. Arthur Hutchinson – a favourite of the Daylesford club – had a rollover, ending the race at the ten-lap mark with Leek at the front of the field taking the victory in the first ever VSC Junior 1200cc Sedan title, in front of Baxter, Riley Taylor, Ella Sheedy, and Andrew Mitchell.

In club class action the Street Stocks had a huge accident that saw a driver taken out the front gates and off to hospital. On points, Tim Hutchinson was declared the class winner from David Clark and Des Robinson. Also declared on points, Blaize Majok-Edwards was the winner in the Daylesford Drivers Association Junior Sedans, ahead of Blair Botheras and Noah Basten. Sarah Gartner from South Australia declared the winner in the Ladies Sedans ahead of Marlena Argent and Vicky Alford. Austin Chivers was declared winner of the Standard Saloons ahead of Patrick Walsh and Jacob Head.

The Daylesford Modified Sedans completed their feature event Daniel Carter the number one driver in the class currently took victory over Brad Trainor, Ian Bartlett, Wade Justice, and Steve Warlond.