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How to spot a drug lab


Do you know the signs of a clandestine drug lab? Crime Stoppers Victoria has tips on how to spot suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Working with Victoria Police, Crime Stoppers’ campaign ‘Know the Signs and Report Suspicious Drug Manufacturing’ encourages Victorians to report suspicious drug growing and manufacturing activity by identifying the signs of Cannabis Crop Houses and Clandestine Drug Laboratories.

While some more obvious signs such as burnt patches of grass from toxic waste dumping, or strong odours coming from a house, can be giveaways, some drug labs are harder to detect.

Most Cannabis Crop Houses (CCHs) operate in suburban areas, which makes it extremely difficult to detect the difference between a normal home and one growing cannabis.

The operation of a CCH can even affect your own home with flickering lights and loss of functionality in appliances from overusing the electricity surge within your area or street.

Clandestine drug labs manufacturing illicit drugs such as methamphetamine are often well hidden, but sometimes the toxic waste created is visible stored in buckets or dumped nearby, Unusual rubbish, large exhaust fans, and wall stains may also be signs of a drug lab.

Knowing the signs of drug-related activities can save lives. Watch out for unusual activity and report anything suspicious anonymously to Crime Stoppers Victoria.

More in-depth information and tips on spotting a clandestine drug lab are available on the Crime Stoppers Victoria website.

You can report suspicious activity at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au/report-a-crime/ or call on 1800 333 000.