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VFF statement on powerline submission


The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has published a response to a recent submission by Professors Bruce Mountain and Simon Bartlett AM, on the VNI West and Western Renewables Link.

VFF President Emma Germano said the Victorian Government “must answer questions why it is fast-tracking a project experts say could triple electricity transmission costs, whilst steam rolling our state’s farmers in the process”.

“The submission put forward by Professors Bruce Mountain and Simon Bartlett AM on the VNI-West and Western Renewables Link suggest it would be a monumental mistake to go ahead with these projects,” Ms Germano said.

“The Victorian Government must explain to farmers why they are being forced to endure needless anxiety and fear over having their land carved up by power lines that may provide no benefit to the state.

“Farmers are white hot with anger over how they are being treated with utter disrespect in this process. They have every right to be.”

Ms Germano has accused the State Government of failing to plan for the transition to renewable energy appropriately.

“We must get this transition to renewables right. The consequences of trampling over farmers rights will be a double whammy of skyrocketing food and electricity prices for all Victorians,” she added.

Ms Germano and the VFF are encouraging farmers to have their say by providing submissions, before they close on Wednesday 19 April.

Further information, including template submissions, can be viewed at www.vff.org.au/campaign/renewable-energy-and-transmission-development/.