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Weir going digital

Digital operation function for water flow at Lerderderg Weir. (Photo – SRW)

By Matt Romania

In Lerderderg State Park, a small yet significant upgrade is in progress at the local Weir. The well-used switchboard and controls, after serving the community for about 40 years, are getting a straightforward update.

“The upgrade of controls and electrics at Lerderderg Weir has been given the green light,” a spokesperson from Southern Rural Water (SRW) said.

“This will simply allow us to manage the three gates from a distance.”
Enhancing the project’s simplicity, an eight-metre pole has been installed to ensure mobile reception and network connectivity. Its folding design ensures maintenance is straightforward and safe.

The primary role of the Lerderderg Weir is to direct water from the Lerderderg River to the Merrimu Reservoir.

The new digital setup ensures a consistent flow of at least 30 ML down the river, and when there’s extra, it guides the surplus through tunnels to the reservoir.

Given its tucked-away location, the Weir does have its challenges, like potential fire threats and occasional flash floods.

The spokesperson said with the new ability to remotely manage the gates, they can respond a bit more efficiently to water level changes.

“Especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. It’s a practical change for our staff and the community.”