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White card system for local football


The Ballarat FNL will lead a trial in 2023 of a White Card that will be used to improve and enhance gameday behaviours and expectations for players, officials, volunteers and supporters.

BFNL General Manager Shane Anwyl said the introduction of the White Card will allow clubs to be made aware of behaviours that are not acceptable.

“This includes behaviour such as language, constant abuse or ongoing questioning of decisions.

“We need to ensure that the game is safe not just for players and officials, but also for families and supporters.”

In conjunction with the BFUA, the White Card trial will allow three warnings to be provided for behaviours that do not meet expectations, each warning having various sanctions. The first warning will see the White Card displayed to the coaches’ box, indicating a behaviour or action is not acceptable. The second warning will again see a White Card shown to the coaches box and a free kick awarded to the opposition team, again for behaviours or actions that do not meet expectations. The final White Card will see the head coach reported as there have been multiple instance of behaviour or actions that are not acceptable and have not been suitably addressed.

Mr Anwyl said there were isolated instances in 2022 where unacceptable behaviour was an issue.

“The concept is being looked at across all leagues and we are proud to lead the way in trialling this across leagues in our region.”

The BFNL 2023 season kicks off with Good Friday football and netball on 7 April, Redan will host Lake Wendouree. The season proper will commence on Saturday 15 April.